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The Rolls Royce of hand warmers.


The Rolls Royce of hand warmers.

Rapid Heat Up

Reaches full temperature within minutes for immediate warmth.

Enduring Warmth

Provides a consistent heat for up to 12+ hours.

Featherweight Design

Lightweight and non-intrusive ensuring unhindered mobility for all activities.

Machine Washable

Effortless cleaning, simply wash and hang dry.

Lifetime Durability

Crafted from military-grade polyester to stand the test of time.

All-Weather Defense

Premium weatherproof shell shields from harsh elements.

Trusted by millions

Unlike Anything Else

“This isn’t like anything else on the market and brings an elevated product offering to your golf shop. I brought a dozen in for our initial order and had to hit the re-order button in less than two weeks. It’s not a matter of how to bring these into the golf shop, it’s a matter of when!”

Aaron Crooks. PGA Director of BlueJackNational

Extremely Effective

“For these armed professionals cold, stiff hands go beyond discomfort, they can threaten mission effectiveness or even survivability. We have never seen or felt the kind of heat capability that the G-Tech Heated Pouch provides.”

William C Markham. Airforce Master Sergeant

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